Wednesday, April 15, 2009

24/4/09 ROBERT HOOD (M-Plant - USA), 'Deep Concentration' Irish tour - Dublin

Hi all,

Test returns in April with a highly-anticipated appearance from the godlike Rob Hood.

Since the early 90s, the Detroit native has been pushing the boundaries of dance floor techno.

The architect of minimalism, Hood's 90s releases like 'Minimal Nation', 'Internal Empire' and 'Nighttime World' are classic works,joining the dots between searing, visceral rhythms, hypnotic repetition and jazz-infused musicality.

Fast forward 15 years and Hood's impact on electronic music is as strong as ever.

Having inspired a new generation of mnml music makers (haircut optional), the Hoodmusic series as well as the dizzying ferocity of his Fabric mix keep the former UR operative at the forefront of cutting edge techno.

We're honoured that he has agreed to play Test - expect Hood to tear the club a new exit hole.

Support comes from the razor sharp detroit techno sounds of Oisin Murphy and Jay Galligan.

There shall be 100 signed copies of a limited rare mix cd constructed by the master builder himself, Robert Hood, at Test. The CD's are €11 and presale orders will be taken, just email with the subject line, 'HOOD CD' and your details.


Admission €16/€12 before midnight
Venue: The Underground, 31-2 Westland Row
Doors @ 2230

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Test sets vol 4 : Sam Kay

Here is a set I listened to recently again and instantly came upon the decision that it simply must put it up on the website. It was recorded on the night of the 29th November, the night Sam Kay warmed up Function (Sandwell District) @ TEST. - Jay


  1. alex cortex - selene [kahlwild]
  2. arto mwambe - btwo [brontosaurus]
  3. ada - kink a jou [irr]
  4. educution - downward spiral [d1]
  5. john daly - back it up [irr]
  6. move d - heidelberg gals [running back]
  7. solomun & stimming - eiszauber (motorcitysoul remix) [diynamic]
  8. dj koze - i want to sleep [irr]
  9. donnacha costello - backache [d1]
  10. legowelt - dx days [clone]
  11. stl - getting deeper [perlon]
  12. daso & pawas - det [spectral sound]
  13. pigon - helios [dial]
  14. motor city drum ensemble - breath control [four roses]
  15. jc freaks - the rock [wandering music]
  16. martin brodin - starchaser (williams remix) [deeplay soultec]
  17. two armadillos - hamlin [dessous]
  18. portable - release [perlon]
  19. seth troxler - love never sleeps [crosstown rebels]
  20. 2000 and one- bang bang [bang bang!]
  21. matthias tanzmann - keep on (boris werner mix) [moon harbour]
  22. ryan crosson - sunshine wave [wagon repair]
  23. dave anderson - stronghold [ferox]

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