Sunday, January 11, 2009

Test sets vol 2 : Dan McElligott - Black Box Testing

Back in 2005, when Test was a very small club based in the small bunker like bar of Viva on South William street, a young chap who goes by the name of Dan Mc Elligott horsed a CD in my face and ordered me to listen to it. As it would turn out this mix CD lead to him playing at his first gig at Test and from there he has never looked back. Over the years he has earned a lengthy residency with the premium techno club in Dublin such as Electric city and Test. Dan is no stranger to bringing the buzz to the floor and has meandered his way through various high powered support slots, supporting the likes of Tractile, Marc Houle, Magda, Sleeparchive, Redshape, Efdemin, Phonic, Cassy, Paco Osuna & Donnacha Costello.
Dan will be whackin out the tunes at Test in Febuary playing supporting to the Advent.

Moody Techno and Electro. Mixed on the serato buzz with a DD6, RV5 and a SoundBITE XL
21tracks - 67mins

ERH - Siren Strings SBRMX2 (Intro)
Funzion - Random Mood Girl [Butane Remix] (alphahouse)
Peter F. Spiess - Malfunction (Klang Elektronik)
Carl A. Finlow - Texture Map (Meuse Muzique Records)
Betrieb - Große Landschaft Mit Kuh (Klang Elektronik)
Lowfish - The Bite That Bleeds (Noise Factory Records)
Benfay - Rheas Blues (Thinner)
Stratos - To The Moon (Preset)
GraGee - The Carrier (H. Productions)
Osborne - Bout Ready To Jak [Ryan Elliott Rmx] (Spectral Sound)
Shaolin - The Clear Soap (Soapsud City)
Andrea Parker - Invasion (Touchin’ Bass)
Butane - Kitty Heaven (Dumb-Unit)
Annie Hall - Comienzo (D1 Recordings)
C-34 - Watch Yourself [Mick Wills Remix] (MinimalRome)
Ben Klock - Subzero (Ostgut Tonträger)
Steve Rachmad & Joel Mull - Mechanophobia (Music Man Records)
Female - Cally (Sandwell District)
Anthony Rother - Red Light District (Elektrolux)
Ectomorph - Dada (Interdimensional Transmissions)
Pathic - Broken Branch (Pyramid Transmissions)

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  1. Exciting tracklist!
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