Tuesday, July 7, 2009

10/7/09 O/V/R aka Regis & James Ruskin live (Tresor/Blueprint)

Hi all,

Test welcomes O/V/R, techno's latest super group, to the Underground this month for their debut Irish gig.

Consisting of Blueprint boss James Ruskin and Regis aka Karl O'Connor of Downwards/Sandwell District fame, the collaboration follows the dissolution of the Regis & Surgeon partnership last year.

To date, O/V/R have only put out one single, the dense, panning 'Interior' on Blueprint as well as a remix of Ruskin's 'Lahaine'.

However, given that they've both been making cutting edge techno for the past 15 years and the praise their two decks and two laptop shows have already received, expect to hear hard, minimalist music of the highest quality.

Support comes from EC's Giles Armstrong, armed with the best deep and dubby techno that the blogs, sorry, Beatport have to offer.


Upcoming Test events:
10 July

O/V/R aka Regis & James Ruskin (Treson/Blueprint)
Giles Armstrong (Electric City)
Venue The Underground
Admission €15

August 14

Donato Dozzy (Wagon Repair, Dozzy Records - Italy)
Lerosa (Enclave)
Scott Logan (Enclave)

September 18
Shawn Rudiman live (Matrix - Pittsburgh)
Oisin Murphy (Test )

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