Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's with our deep regret to inform you all that Robert Hood will not be performing at Test in the Twisted Pepper tonight. Due to "maintenance" issues with Delta airlines Robert Hood was unable to make his scheduled flight to Dublin. We are already rescheduling a date for his return in the not so distant future.

But where one Delta let's us down, another Delta is here to back us up. Delta Funktionen will perform a live set for us and for the headline slot we will see him transform into his Phantom Regiment guise to tear the basement down. Expect tough dark techno. Starting the night and building the transformation between the two, will be Test ressie Dan Mc Elligott.

Tickets for the original date remain valid for the rescheduled date in October.

For Customers unable to attend the rescheduled date, refunds are available.

Customers who purchased their tickets from the Bodytonic website, refunds can be obtained by email request:

For customers who purchased their tickets via Ticketmaster, please contact Ticketmaster to obtain a refund.

Set times:
Phantom Regiment 2- close
Dan McEligott 1 - 2
Delta Funktionen 12 - 1
Dan McElligott 11 -12

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