Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sandwell District

Yo Yo,

Saturday April 17th sees one of the world's greatest techno labels grace our humble soiree.

That's right, Sandwell District take over Test and the tag team of Regis and Function armed with laptops, Fx Processors, Roland SH 101 and a TR 909 it's going to be dark techno all night long (Plagiarism! - House music ed).

With roots in the crazy and very hazy days of 90s techno, the pedigree of Regis and Function is unquestionable: Regis's work on Downwards was central to the development of the Birmingham sound, while Function's bleepy adventures for Synewave still resonate.

Working together with Silent Sevant, Female and CH Signal Laboratories for the mysterious Sandwell label, this dynamic duo's music has proved unstoppable (Find your own metaphors! - Batman editor).

Merging Millsian panel-beating with resonating Sleeparchive/Sahko-alike subsonics and Downwards' chain mail metallic percussions to create a familiar yet fresh-sounding sound and stride the techno world like a Colossus (stop paraphrasing! - Shakespeare editor)

Responsible for a wider return to deeply underground sounds, these elusive Sandwell players are hotter than a Hardwax hand-stamped record (Leading statement - Berlin editor).

Support on the night comes from Test's very own strong-jaw, Jay "I'll see you in the Berghain" Galligan.

Miss this at your peril...



April 17
Sandwell District (SWD - Berlin)
Jay Galligan (Test - Dublin)

Venue:The Twisted pepper
Admission €10/€8 presales tickets -
Presale tickets at a reduced cost of €8 are available at http://www.bodytonicmusic.com

Doors: 2300

Upcoming events

May 22
Derrick May (Transmat - Detroit)
Giles Armstrong (Electric City - Dublin)
Tickets at €15 are available at http://www.bodytonicmusic.com

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